PlayLocalSound( <sound name> )

Module: Player


Plays a sound locally to the player

Call this on:

The player


players[i] PlayLocalSound( "MP_announcer_round_draw" );

Required Args:

  • 1 : <sound name>: The name of the sound to play.

Optional Args

  • 1 : <notification string> If present, the sound will notify this string on this player when done. (Single player only)
  • 2 : <stoppable flag> If present and true, then this sound can be interrupted by another playlocalsound command with notification string. It is a script error for a playsound that does not have this flag set to get interrupted by another playlocalsound with notify, or for a playlocalsound with notify that does not have this flag set to interrupt another playlocalsound with notify. (Single player only)"