BadPlace_Brush( <name>, <duration>, <brush entity>, <team>, ... )

Module: BadPlaces
SP Only


Creates a bad place from a brush entity. AI will flee this position if they can, and will not go into it if they can avoid it.


BadPlace_Brush( "moody", -1, volumeEnt, "axis" );

Required Args:

  • 1 : <name> The name of the bad place. If name is not "", the bad place can be moved or deleted by using the unique name.
  • 2 : <duration> If duration > 0, the bad place will automatically delete itself after this time. If duration <= 0, the bad place must have a name and will last until manually deleted.
  • 3 : <brush entity> The brush entity representing the bad place.
  • 4 : <team> You must specify at least one team for which this place is bad, but can give several. The allowed teams are 'axis', 'allies', and 'neutral'.